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VOVU Metaalbewerking b.v. has undergone substantial growth since 1987. VOVU has acquired a respected name in metalworking specializations such as CNC turning and milling, by turning out precision work, and doing so very quickly.



From the beginning VOVU Metaalbewerking has experienced strong growth. In 1987 three new machines were purchased, and in 1991 the first staff member was hired. In 1993 VOVU moved into new quarters on Rietdekkerstraat 1. In 1996 those quarters were expanded, and the year 2000 saw the realization of the purchase of an adjacent building.


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The motivation to grow is still there. Continued investment in manpower and machines have made VOVU into an enterprise with around 40 employees working two shifts, a workspace of approximately 2,250 square meters, and a leading name in metalworking.



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CNC Milling

Vovu has the capability to (re) produce a ready-made product for every unique customer. This is possible due to the presence of 3,4 or 5-axis horizontal or vertical machining. Hereby different pallet changing systems make it possible to edit complex products in series work.


CNC frezen :: detail freesproduct

CNC Turning

At CNC turning automation is well implemented. Vovu uses automatic bar feeding. Gantry robot, main and counter spindles and live tooling. By doing so VOVU Metaalbewerking is extremely well equipped for producing small to large series.


CNC draaien :: detail draaiproduct

Also here CAD-CAM programming is being used, making reproducibility one of our strenghts when it comes to CNC turning.